> EPS TA (torque assisted) steering controller

EPS TA (torque assisted) steering controller


This compact and cost effective Torque assisted EPS is suitable for trucks fitted with tiller. Driven by EPS TA, the PM motor provides a steering torque additional to the applied one thus simplyfying the truck use. EPS TA complies with Cathegory III (EN954-1 Standard)

Power section

Power supply: 24V
Maximum current: 40A
Ambient Temperature range: -40° + 40°C
Maximum heatsink temperature: 75°C(starts to reduce current)


Dimensions: 122x142x50 mm
Connector: Molex Minifit
Protection: IP54


2 Digital Inputs
4 Analog Inputs (0-5V)

Other features

2 microcontrollers
Flash memory
Can interface
Serial link