> ACE0 & ACE0 PW inverter

ACE0 & ACE0 PW inverter


The ACE0 Inverter is suitable for pedestrian, small stacker trucks, and order pickers fitted with encoderless asynchronous motors up to 2,5 kW. Double microcontroller redundant safety architecture.
Sensorless/Sense Coil version
Same as above but with ZAPI patented sensorless/sense coil control algorithm to be used with encoderless AC motor.

Power section

Power supply: 24V, 36V, 48V
ACE0 Maximum current:
  • (24V) 220 Arms (2’)
  • (36V, 48V) 180 Arms (2’)
ACE0 PW Maximum current:
  • (24V) 320 Arms (2’)
  • (36V, 48V) 280 Arms (2’)
Ambient temperature range: -40° +40°C
Maximum heatsink temperature: 85°C (starts to reduce current)


Dimensions 150x200x73 mm
Connector: Ampseal 35 poles
Protection: IP65
Available with Al base plate or finned heatsink


13 Digital inputs (input range -Batt ÷ +Batt)
2 Analog inputs (input range 0 ÷ 12V )
1 Analog input:motor temperature sensor
1 Incremental encoder port
2 Outputs driving to - Batt: proportional EV, current control
8 Outputs driving to - Batt

Other features

Can interface